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Mea maxima culpa…

July 28, 2009, 15:10 -05 by chris
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photo.jpgWell, well, well. Looks like I may have hit the ‘rant’ button with excessive haste, as “not supported” does not necessarily mean “it won’t work”, according to others who’ve already installed Logic 9 Studio (which is still a Universal Binary, it’s just not “advertised” as such, and you can’t call tech support and complain if you have problems – which I never have. Called tech support, that is…) on their even-older-than-mine G5 setups.

So it’s off to the Apple Store to pay another tithe to the Church of Jobs for the LP9 update, after ordering one of these (the one that came with the G5 is getting pretty gross, between the usual keyboard plaque, cat hair, and stickum from a set of rapidly deteriorating Editor’s Keys stickers for Logic), because I’m a cheap bastard as far as paying $119.99 for an actual “Logic Keyboard”, and keyboard covers are meant to cover up existing gunk, not keep it from getting in there in the first place…uh, right?

Plus, attaching one of those shiny new Mac Pro “slim” keyboards to the G5 would feel a little like putting a “Type R” sticker and coffee-can-sized tailpipe on an old Honda DX automatic.

All of which is a bit of a relief, as far as temporary reprieves from forced-multi-thousand-dollar-planned-obsolescence-hardware-upgrades go, as I’ve got enough sunk into Universal Audio, Native Instruments, Sonnox, and the rest to merit sticking it out as long as I can with the existing rig, and need to first figure out if this whole “pouring a slab and building a dedicated double-wall studio outbuilding from the ground up” (and, as yet another aside, damn you, stupid, stupid Steve Vai, for already calling your home studio the “Harmony Hut”, you fair-weather poseur of a fan of the second-best scene from Addams Family Values – the first being Wednesday and her fellow “Indians” taking their revenge on the Camp Chippewa “The First Thanksgiving” Parent’s-Day play, of course – you… now I have to think of something else lest plans be mistaken as an homage to wheedle-wheedle-wheedley-dee Guitar Hero histrionics…) is really going to be a workable, budgetable solution to the impending “gotta get all this gear out of the spare bedroom before it’s no longer a spare bedroom, and do it the two-thousand-layers-of-caulked-sheetrock Rod Gervais way while we’re at it” problem, before buying another computer that costs more than pouring a slab. 

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