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Dude, is that Soundcheck Rock?

April 22, 2010, 18:54 -05 by chris
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How many times have you been out on the town and thought to yourself “you know what the fans at this experimental / IDM / glitch / ambient electronica show would really like to hear over the PA system? Some Skynrd, man!”? Well, it’s time to stop thinking and pick up the phone. Call our toll-free number and order Soundcheck Rock today!

You could spend countless hours, not to mention hundreds of dollars on Ticketmaster convenience fees, to track down these classic tracks. But now D-Fac Records has done the work for you! Featuring the original tracks from the original artists, Soundcheck Rock gathers front-of-house soundguys’ favorite tracks in one collection for three easy payments of only $19.95. Just one listen to how the pristine recording quality and excellent isolation of the hi-hat parts on Aja show off the clarity of your phase-corrected line-array system and time-aligned delay clusters, and you won’t care that you’re doing sound for a hardcore punk show!

Steely Dan


Steely Dan


More Steely Dan

A Perfect Circle

Still More Steely Dan


Even More Steely Dan


Stravinsky’s Rite of…Just Kidding, It’s Steely Dan

Some Sort Of Mark Knopfler Ry Cooder Chet Atkins Type Thing

How Many Albums Did Steely Dan Even Put Out, Anyway?

Tom Petty

Seriously, What Is The Deal With The Steely Dan Thing?

Post-Waters Pink Floyd

I Swear if I Hear One More Steely…Oh, It’s Donald Fagen “The Nightfly”.

…and Steely Dan.

Order Soundcheck Rock today, and we’ll also include a bonus disc of generic, unidentifiable reggae instrumentals, perfect for warming up the crowd at No Depression / alt-country / Americana shows! Why just listen to music when every waking moment can be a captive-audience demo of the capabilities of your ‘rig’ for other sound dudes?

Soundcheck Rock. Because pristine recording quality always trumps artistic sensitivity and musical relevancy, so call now! Operators are standing by.

Did the Doll Factory totally ‘scoop’ the ‘Hipster runoffs’?

April 22, 2010, 15:34 -05 by chris
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Authentic indie meme / altbro blog ‘The Hipster Runoffs’ started an alt meme today comparing the personal brands of alt celebrities and P4k album covers, as an alternative ‘take’ on the mainstream ‘Totally Looks Like’ blog (run by the rich mainstream bro who owns ‘May I please have a cheeseburger?’ LOLcats and ‘This is an illustrative example of a failure!’ blogs and pays employees minimum wage, like an ‘Internet meme sweatshop’).

Kinda feel like ‘The Doll Factory’ did this authentic indie meme ‘Kinda Looks Like’ parody like three wks ago.

Are the ‘Doll Factory’ altbros ‘more authentic’ than ‘The Hipster Runoffs’?

Did the Doll Factories ‘scoop’ The Hipster Run Offs or is it ‘a total coincidence’ / ‘synchronicity’ like The Karl Jungs psychology-major college bro?

Is it more important to try to be ‘silly’ / ‘irreverent’ or should indie bands / music blogs be ‘serious’ like ‘the xx’ and work on cultivating their personal brand?

Should ‘The Doll Factories’ call a relevant ‘band meeting’? Is it more authentic / meaningful to have a band meeting at an ‘authentic Irish-bro pub’ or a ‘local microbrewery’?

Is sipping expensive beer on tap at a ‘brewpub’ in Ballard ‘authentic’ or do we have to ‘slam’ ‘PBR’ and ‘Sparks’ at ‘The Unicorns’ in ‘Capitol Hill’?

One C’est la Mort remix down…

April 19, 2010, 16:45 -05 by chris
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…a dozen-odd Doll Factoryâ„¢ tracks to go. THE NEW BUSYâ„¢ make PANCAKESâ„¢ into EXOTIC ANIMAL SHAPESâ„¢.

Check out how HOTMAILâ„¢ can help you do it all. Find interesting new ways to be bored. THE NEW BUSYâ„¢ surf the Web, drink coffee, and listen to the hottest new Kings of Leonâ„¢ tracks on their Zuneâ„¢.

Let us show you how MICROSOFTâ„¢ can help you streamline your novelty breakfast food workflow. THE NEW BUSYâ„¢ are HOTMAIL ACHIEVERSâ„¢. Are you?