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The Loyal Oppostion ‘Under the State’ – out now!

July 16, 2012, 01:24 -05 by doll factory
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The Loyal Opposition
Under the State

Track List:

01 Failsafe
02 Businessman
03 Under The State
04 Why I Drink
05 Khan!
06 Switch
07 Run Wild
08 Seconds
09 The Lost Regime
10 Disconnect

‘Under the State’, the new album from The Loyal Opposition, is a collaborative side project concept album from Jason Bazinet (SMP, Front Line Assembly, 16 Volt, Chemlab) and Garrick Antikajian (Doll Factory, SMP, micro/nism, Guernica), with Doll Factory’s Chris Roy on guitars, backing vox, and mastering.

Co-produced by Chris DeMarcus (who has worked with Stiff Valentine, Left Spine Down, Front Line Assembly, Aesthetic Perfection, Chemlab, 16 Volt, Jewel, Marcy’s Playground, Tal Bachman, and many more) and The Loyal Opposition.

‘Under the State’ will be available from a wide selection of online retailers very soon. While the official release date is July 17, you can grab it on iTunes and CDBaby.com today!

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