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Dog food is so good for you…

January 15, 2010, 21:19 -05 by chris
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dogsinspaceWait, Dogs in Space is finally out on DVD?

And nobody told me?

Yeah, I already ordered it.

Not sure why, but it was always my favorite of the ever-popular “obliviously self-destructive band dude gets smacked upside the head with an ironic life lesson when his girlfriend, rather than him, overdoses on heroin first” genre, even though the Jane’s Addiction “Gift” movie is stiff (no pun intended) competition, to say nothing of Sid and Nancy, Trainspotting, and other lighthearted, fun-for-the-whole-family favorites.

All of which is a bit odd, because I have such an irrational fear of needles that I’ve passed out at the doctor’s getting a blood draw, and from just having someone tell me about donating plasma, and typically have to close my eyes and have someone “tell me when it’s safe to look” anytime there’s a movie scene involving sharps.

It probably has something to do with the keyboard player character that’s always trying to fix his half-functional homemade synthesizer seeming really cool to me at the time, rather than the comic relief it was probably intended to be, along with young, skinny Nick Cave crooning “Shivers” for an all-too-brief moment, and the background of the same “who needs an apocalypse when we’ve got a recession on” bonfires-in-oil-barrels-on-trash-strewn-streets version of Australia as the “Listen Like Thieves” video, Mad Max, and all the rest.

Or maybe it’s because I haven’t actually seen it since before DVD players were invented.


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