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Tidy up!

September 19, 2009, 20:41 -05 by chris
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photoIkea’s great if you need some budget studio furniture with your ten-meatball lunch special. Seen here, the just-picked-up-today “Lustifik” (sp?) shoe rack lying on its side as a mini keyboard stand for the Micron (now I can actually access the top panel of the Yamaha, in case I ever want faster-than-booting-up-the-computer access to crappy ROMpler sounds… hmm, might be handy for practice or working out quick ideas, actually). Tons of other people are using just-happen-to-be-the-right-size Ikea bedside tables and shelves as studio racks, one of the other shoe racks is a galvanized-metal angled shelf that’s great for drum machines and ‘desktop’ modules, there’s a floor-to-ceiling metal poles with shelves in-between closet system I’ve seen used by people with obscenely large synth collections, and the (discontinued and now a hot used-market item among home-studio geeks) “Jerker” desks are great for a computer/synth workstation as long as you get the version with multiple tiers and the optional swing-out side shelves, which are perfect for studio monitors. And that’s before you get into the whole “Ikea hack” thing – regardless, the trick is to go through Ikea with an eye towards using stuff for not-necessarily-intended (re)purposes.

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