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Are who?

August 29, 2009, 00:04 -05 by chris
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erhuThis is why I loves me some Intrywebs:

Ehru on Craigslist:Forty dollars (and it ain’t one of the cheap ones, either – brass ‘n ivory, baby…).

Ehru instructional videos on YouTube: Zero dollars.

Wikipedia article on Ehrus informing me that the two strings are tuned to the same “D” and “A” as a violin, thereby enabling me to be rocking on a new instrument within an hour: Priceless.

If there’s one way to build calluses on your fretting hand after not practicing for a while, it’s playing an instrument that not only has no frets, but no fretboard – the strings are suspended in midair – for several hours in the fervor of “new toy” excitement. (I have to stop for the evening. My pointer hurts.) I have a feeling practicing on this thing for a while is going to make picking up the violin seem easy in comparison. So I promise the new album won’t sound entirely like The House of Flying Daggers soundtrack.

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