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Like the city in Alaska?

August 25, 2009, 12:37 -05 by chris
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This is how I Juno!Juno-106 chips removed and replaced, little trim-pots for “VCA offset”, “VCF resonance”, “VCF frequency”, “VCF width”, etc., trimmed and calibrated x6, and all is well. It didn’t take long to abandon the “hey, let’s desolder all the VCF/VCA chips and spend two weeks soaking them in a coffee can full of acetone, carefully peeling the resin coatings off, then putting them back” idea, as 1) the little buggers are really tedious to get out with all their legs intact unless you have the patience of a saint, which I don’t, and a better solder-sucker than you can buy at the local Radio Shack, 2) after the first hour of desoldering and re-soldering, my personality type quickly arrives at the conclusion that it’s better to just spend the money to buy more replacement chips instead of spending all this time dicking around with desoldering braid and tweezers, and 3) I want to use the thing now, not in a couple weeks. So i just replaced the two ICs that were bad for now, and resigned myself to replacing the stupid things on an as-needed basis (they’re only half original-equipment now, so three more and it’ll be totally ‘overhauled’).

Synths repaired: 1. House fires started: 0. Chips permanently destroyed (at least, enough of the little metal-fatigued legs damaged as to make them not worth the trouble of salvaging) in the process when I ran out of patience and decided to just wiggle them back and forth until the legs snapped off: 2. Voices that seem like they’re on the verge of going in the future, so I should order a few more spares for next time: 1.

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