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F.U., .ru!

August 19, 2009, 13:46 -05 by chris
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punisher1Seriously?  Russian hackers?  Here?

Thanks for making us show up as “this site may harm your computer” on Google yesterday. Because there’s no better target audience for Russian scam artists redirecting people to ads for discount cell phone service in Korea than the website of an obscure indie band in Seattle.

Which, of course, didn’t actually redirect anyone to ads for discount cell phone service in Korea, but turned our website into a white screen with a syntax error message for a few hours.

Consider your iframe-code-insertion antics deleted and our s**t patched and updated, punks, and consider doing something more constructive with your time than reinforcing the unfortunate stereotype of your country as a corruption-ridden cesspool of Internet crime that has nothing more to contribute to Teh Intrywebs than pirated mp3 files, pirated software, viruses, hacker attacks, and penis-enlargement-pill spam.

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